In the contemporary interconnected global economy, collaboration stands as the very foundation of progress. Mastercard, being a prominent global financial leader, recognizes the immense value that partnerships with major corporations bring to the table. These collaborations transcend mere business transactions; they represent symbiotic alliances that serve to propel innovation, elevate customer experiences, and catalyze transformative change within industries.

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Phygital experience

Lamda Development S.A., the leading real estate developer in Greece and the undisputed leader in the shopping center sector, has partnered with Mastercard Greece and BNDB to elevate the shopping experience across its portfolio, including The Mall Athens, Golden Hall, and Mediterranean Cosmos.
BNDB has designed a unique Phygital activation, where every customer has the chance to play and instantly win exciting prizes. Specifically, any customer who uses a Mastercard for their transaction within any of Lamda Development's malls can receive a receipt. They can then visit the Mastercard pop-up within the mall, scan the receipt, and instantly find out if they've won one of the prizes.
The activation has proven exceptionally successful, leading to a notable increase in Mastercard transactions within each mall. This achievement has also influenced Mastercard's decision to extend the duration of the program for more than three years.