Lavipharm, a Greek company with roots dating back to 1911, has evolved into the largest Research and Development Group in Greece. It specializes in the production, import, marketing, and distribution of medicinal products, cosmetics, and health products. In response to the evolving trends and demands of today's consumers, Lavipharm introduced the private label CASTALIA, making it the pioneering company to introduce and promote cosmetic products in Greek pharmacies. This strategic move underscores Lavipharm's commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of consumers in the Greek market.

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Phygital experience

In an era increasingly defined by digital experiences, BNDB recognized the significance of creating physical touchpoints that are as dynamic and responsive as their digital counterparts. To address this, we pioneered the concept of "phygital" touchpoints.

For the first time in the Greek market, we brought the "phygital" concept to life within the largest shopping center in Greece, The Mall Athens, in collaboration with Lavipharm, a leading Greek pharmaceutical company. Our primary objective was to craft an unforgettable experience for visitors to The Mall while showcasing Lavipharm products.

To achieve this, BNDB's engagement team designed and executed an interactive game that seamlessly blended the digital and physical realms. Shoppers had the opportunity to spin a lucky wheel, with the chance to instantly win a Lavipharm product. This "phygital" engagement, enriched with gamified elements, not only attracted a crowd but also fostered a more engaging and immersive interaction between the brand and the end consumer.