Lavipharm a Greek company, established in 1911, is today the largest Research and Development Group that produces, imports, markets and distributes medicinal products, cosmetics and health products in Greece. In response to the new trends and demands of the modern consumer Lavipharm created the private label CASTALIA and became the first company to place and promote cosmetic products in Greek pharmacies.

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Phygital touchpoint

In an increasingly digital age at BNDB we understand how important is to create physical touchpoints that are “responsive” enough as their digital counterparts. Therefore, we developed the «phygital» touchpoint. For the 1st time in the Greek Market the «phygital» concept was applied inside the largest shopping center in Greece, The Mall Athens, in collaboration with Lavipharm, a top Greek pharmaceutical company. Our main purpose was to create a memorable experience for The Mall’s visitors while exhibiting the Lavipharm products. In order to do so BNDB’s engagement team designed and developed an interactive game where consumers on both digital and physical level had the chance to spin the lucky wheel and instantly win a Lavipharm product. This «phygital» engagement combined with the gamified elements helped us to draw the crowd and create a more engaging experience between the brand and the end consumer.