Alinda Velco S.A. is a Greek company operating in the industrial raw materials and cleaning products sectors. Founded in 1989, the company initially specialized in representing and distributing industrial raw materials from renowned multinational producers in the Greek market. With remarkable speed, the company expanded its capabilities, developing technology and products for diverse segments within the Household market. Today, Alinda Velco S.A. stands as a leader in the production and marketing of detergents and specialized cleaning products for Private Label brands.

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Package design

The acquisition of Tension S.A., a company specialized in large-scale detergent and cleaning product production, marked a significant transformation for Alinda. It shifted the company's role from being solely a distributor of industrial raw materials to a dynamic organization capable of producing and marketing its own household brands. In response to this strategic shift, a new product portfolio was developed. Alinda partnered with BNDB to create a brand image from scratch, tailored to cover a wide array of products and packaging formats. The design team incorporated custom illustrations and 3D elements to highlight secondary information and emphasize the distinctions between product categories, enhancing overall packaging appeal.

Brand identity & product catalogues

In pursuit of an aggressive market penetration strategy, the Alinda team made a strategic decision to create distinct labels, each tailored to cater to specific customer segments. This approach involved developing a custom product portfolio for each label. To execute this branding process effectively, the team partnered with BNDB to create new brand identities and establish a cohesive architecture across multiple touchpoints. The goal was to enable each brand to engage with clients seamlessly, both in B2B and B2C contexts.

Additionally, product catalogues emerged as a crucial channel for disseminating vital product information to clients. However, the challenge lay in ensuring that the different layouts of these catalogues harmoniously blended the simplicity of the design language with the unique visual identity of each package design. This approach aimed to maintain consistency while allowing each label to express its individuality and cater to its specific target audience effectively.