Alinda Velco S.A. is a Greek company acting in the fields of industrial raw materials and cleaning products. The company established in the year 1989 representing and distributing in the Greek market industrial raw materials of well-known multinational producers. Very fast the company developed technology and products for various sectors of the Household market. Today is a leader in producing and marketing detergents and special cleaning products for Private Label brands.

project image
Package design

With the acquisition of Tension S.A., a company specialized in large scale production of detergents and cleaning products, Alinda turned from being only a distributor of industrial raw materials to a company that could produce and market its own brands in the household market. A new product portfolio was created and bndb was asked to design the new brand image from the ground up with the goal of covering a wide variety of products and packaging formats. Information hierarchy and strong design language was used to communicate the key message to shoppers and the benefits of the various product types. The design of custom illustrations and 3D elements helped us to showcase the secondary information and the basic differences between the product categories. Ultimately, Alinda extended the new package design strategy across the entire client base and together with the bndb team provided all the necessary inputs for the redesign of well-known private labels of the Greek Market, such as Servin and Pappy.

Brand identity & product catalogues

Following an aggressive market penetration strategy Alinda team has decided to create different labels, with a custom product portfolio, for different customer segments. As part of this branding process bndb was assigned to develop all new brand identities and build a new architecture with multiple touchpoints, where each brand could interact equally with the client in both B2B and B2C level. On top of that, product catalogues became an important channel where clients would get important information for each product. However, the different layouts created had to combine the simple design language with the visual identity of each package design.