Brainy is an award-winning digital learning platform, a state of the art study system, designed by experienced teachers, for students in the 5th and 6th grades of elementary school and junior high students. Curriculum is presented in modern graphics, in videos. Lessons develop in a form that perfectly corresponds to the school books structure and are enriched with extra exercises and interactive tests, to ensure maximum levels of comprehension and assimilation.

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Communication strategy

Brainy is considered one of the greatest innovations in the Greek education market in the last 100 years. It takes learning out of the classroom and puts the control right into the hands of the student. The centerpiece of product development and marketing strategy was created in collaboration with bndb. Our team, working from a more strategic point of view, developed key aspects of brainy’s business functions such as naming, product functionalities, customer segmentation and marketing funnel. For the first time marketing experts had to work alongside with scientists and teachers and develop a plan that would deliver brainy to the right customer and make this new learning method more appealing to alternative options. From the beginning we knew that a successful marketing strategy would have to consider two main directions; listen to the customer and build around credibility. For that an extensive customer communication plan including focus groups, digital media and physical touchpoints was built and at the same time key co-op marketing activities were triggered in order to promote this new revolutionary learning platform.

Video & digital

For platform’s content development numerous focus groups with the close collaboration of scientists, teachers, parents and students were conducted. Following those findings our team designed a very sophisticated and detailed brand image that was extending from the look and feel of the video lessons to the interface of the learning platform. Main target was to integrate the video lessons UI with the overall user experience (UX) and create an engaging learning environment for the student. With the combination of gamified functions, unique 3D animations and photorealistic effects we managed to present each module via a creative storytelling concept and make learning easier and more interactive for the student. At the same time, our digital media team knew that communication of brainy in an online environment would not be an easy task. This was mainly because our main target group, parents of 35-55, were mainly located in traditional media. For that rich content creation became highly critical in the development of a digital strategy, where consumers would use internet to explore, research, and make purchasing decisions.  

Custom platform, website & email

After studying very closely our customers habits and working closely with the brainy team we tried to develop key digital touchpoints where the customer would be informed about brainy and could take further actions. As part of that our design team first focused on creating a user experience that was clean, easy to navigate and would make easier for the client to find correct information and transact. Simultaneously the development team worked on developing a fully responsive website, with cross-device compatibility and seamless integration into the brainy platform technology.