The Mall Athens holds the distinction of being the inaugural large-scale commercial center and the most extensive shopping and leisure complex ever established in Greece. With a remarkable investment value of €320 million, it ranks among the most substantial private real estate investments in the country. The Mall Athens encompasses approximately 200 retail and entertainment establishments, spanning across five levels and covering an area of 58,500 square meters. Additionally, it boasts an expansive underground space extending over 90,000 square meters.

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Website & email campaigns

The Mall of Athens, the largest shopping destination in Greece partnered with bndb for its Digital Strategy and Marketing. In the age of digital and eCommerce, the company’s leadership sees that effective digital strategy and digital integration to the existing shopping experience is a key component of The Mall’s future success. However, at bndb we know from our experience that digital transformation first starts by refreshing brand image across all digital channels. To do that we introduced new elements of 3D animation, video and powerful photos in the design of the different digital assets. As a result, a fully responsive and functional website and a targeted email strategy was developed in order to allow “digital” visitors to easily browse and get the right information online.

Digital campaigns & social media

Following the company’s goal to build a new digital experience we developed a thorough and targeted social media strategy engaging The Mall of Athens audience on Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, we focused on bringing new ideas and designing different concepts that could be more appealing to the different target groups. In search of the different digital touchpoints, we also started creating a number of digital campaigns to grow and engage the social visitors. Our main target was to produce social campaigns that together with the physical marketing activities would promote products, showcase seasonal trends and stir social engagement. In addition to that we also launched a social media advertising plan to support all the referred activities and promotions.

Videos & POS designs

In support of The Mall of Athens vision to provide the ultimate shopping experience we emphasized the importance of building functions that would connect the physical and the digital touchpoints of the company’s communication strategy. The different POS developed, with their unique design managed to attract the customers focus, during their journey within the shopping mall, and contribute to the new cross-channel strategy. In addition to this, video production became an important advertising asset to drive customer engagement. By designing upscale templates and animations, and producing lifestyle and cinematic video effects we managed to turn video into an essential part of the marketing funnel.