Kotsovolos is the No1 electronic and electric goods chain in Greece, with 98 stores and over 2,000 employees. The company is specialized in the sale of high technology electronic products, computers, home appliances, photographic equipment, telecommunication products, as well as in the provision of after sales support and maintenance services.

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Creative concepts & catalogues

Print catalogs for leading retailers still remain an important sales driver that can deliver a rich and tactile experience to their customers. In support of that direction bndb was assigned to design a fresh new look for the Kotsovolos physical catalogs. As a part of that process, the offers leaflet, a catalog with more than 1,500,000 copies, was redesigned following a more hard-selling direction with a clearer product view. Because of that successful strategy the company has decided to expand its catalog outreach on a broader product range. In this case the challenge was to create a number of layouts that would be able to visualize a wide range of products in an editorial way and help customers to get inspired on different ways to use those products. For that reason, specific guidelines were designed; with main purpose to display the different concepts, without losing the Kotsovolos brand feeling.

Video & newsletters

In addition to its successful multi-channel strategy for retail sales; Kotsovolos operates on a powerful B2B advertising function. As part of that bndb fully manages the Kotsovolos B2B offline and online touchpoints. Either is a video or a newsletter, our main priority is to design different templates that are aligned with customer needs and can be produced fast enough to follow the market speed. The last years the gap between B2B and B2C functions is closing extremely fast; creating the need for more fancy concepts, for more digital activations. This is why combination of distinctive designs, custom scripts and unique CSS animations that can integrate with any technology, has become a key requirement.

Website & landing pages

Designing, developing and delivering in a digital environment has always been a challenge. Especially for B2B marketers, the marketing funnel has always involved a gap between online and offline advertising. bndb is one of the few agencies in Greece that has developed the in-house knowledge to apply those offline data within digital channels. In order to bridge that gap, our focus has been to create and develop solutions from conception all the way through to delivery, along with the expertise to integrate with any software or technology a project requires.