Kotsovolos holds the distinguished position of being Greece's premier electronic and electric goods chain, boasting an impressive network of 98 stores and a workforce exceeding 2,000 dedicated employees. The company has cultivated a unique specialization in the retail of cutting-edge electronic products, high-performance computers, essential home appliances, top-tier photographic equipment, and innovative telecommunication devices. Moreover, Kotsovolos is equally renowned for its commitment to providing exceptional after-sales support and maintenance services, ensuring that customers not only have access to superior products but also benefit from comprehensive care and assistance.

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Creative concepts & catalogues

Print catalogs for leading retailers continue to serve as a crucial driver of sales, offering customers a rich and tangible shopping experience. Embracing this direction, BNDB took on the task of revitalizing the physical catalogs for Kotsovolos. As part of this endeavor, the offers leaflet—an extensive catalog with a distribution exceeding 1,500,000 copies—underwent a transformation to adopt a more assertive and product-focused approach, providing customers with a clearer view of the offerings.

The success of this strategy prompted the company to extend its catalog outreach to encompass a broader spectrum of products. This expansion posed a unique challenge: creating a variety of layouts capable of presenting a diverse range of products in an editorial style, while simultaneously inspiring customers with different ways to utilize these products. To address this challenge, specific design guidelines were meticulously crafted, with the primary objective of showcasing various concepts while preserving the distinctive Kotsovolos brand identity.

Video & newsletters

In addition to its highly successful multi-channel retail strategy, Kotsovolos also operates a robust B2B advertising function. In this capacity, BNDB assumes full responsibility for managing both the offline and online touchpoints of Kotsovolos' B2B initiatives. Whether it involves video content or newsletters, our primary focus revolves around creating diverse templates that align with customer needs while enabling agile production to keep pace with the dynamic market.

In recent years, the boundary between B2B and B2C functions has blurred rapidly, driving the demand for more innovative and digitally-driven concepts. Consequently, the amalgamation of distinctive design elements, custom scripting, and unique animations capable of seamless integration with various technologies has emerged as an essential requirement. This strategic approach ensures that Kotsovolos remains at the forefront of delivering captivating B2B experiences that resonate with its target audience and adapt swiftly to the evolving market landscape.

Website & landing pages

The process of designing, developing, and delivering within a digital environment has consistently presented challenges. This holds particularly true for B2B marketers, where the marketing funnel traditionally featured a divide between online and offline advertising efforts. What sets BNDB apart is its unique status as one of the few agencies in Greece equipped with the in-house expertise to seamlessly harness offline data and apply it effectively within digital channels.

In our relentless pursuit to bridge this gap, our primary concentration has centered on the end-to-end creation and development of solutions. We take projects from their initial conception and carry them through to successful delivery, while also possessing the requisite proficiency to seamlessly integrate with any software or technology demanded by a given project. This holistic approach ensures that we not only close the divide between online and offline marketing but also equip our clients with comprehensive and adaptable solutions in the digital realm.